Uplifting concrete by JJS

Uplifting & Floor Prep

Floor preparation is a big part of any old or new construction project.  The JJS Speciality Systems Team are not only experts in bringing your old concrete floor back to life, we can also help you remove an existing floor covering and prepare it for a new flooring solution. We are experienced at uplifting existing coverings like carpet and vinyl within tight time frames and can restore your concrete floor with a polished concrete or grind and seal system, or prepare your floor for a new covering system like carpet, vinyl, wood or laminate.

JJS Speciality Systems are well known in the commercial and construction industry and work closely together with most of the main Building and Flooring installers in the market.

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Floor Levelling

Floor Levelling is our business. What we bring to your project is a solution to your flooring needs. We use high quality self-levelling compounds, specific to your flooring needs. We give you a top quality and smooth finish.

Floor Levelling specifications depends on the individual floor and should be surveyed to determine the high and low spots. Mechanical preparation is employed to remove the high spots and any existing adhesives or other contaminants that may prevent the adhesion of the levelling compound.

Floor Preparation and Levelling usually involves:

· Existing tile, carpet, vinyl or cork removal
· Existing adhesive and coating removal
· Mechanical Preparation
· Applicaton of Specialised Waterproofing Systems
· Application of Primer or Epoxy Primer
· Application of self-levelling compound

Floor levelling by JJS

Our team works to achieve a great outcome, in time to meet your project’s deadlines.

Ramping by JJS

Screeding to Create Falls

JJS Speciality Systems specialise in Screeding, Showers, Wet rooms, Balconies and Roofs to falls and to meet specific gradients.

  • Showers  and Wet-rooms – We use a combination of engineered screeds and quick hydrating sand and cement screed to create falls for tiling as well as vinyl application/ overlay.
  • Balconies and Roofs – We use Sand and cement screeds to create falls as per council specification/ regulation for the installation of waterproofing systems or tile application.

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Concrete Floor Repairs

We specialise in concrete repairs that involves crack injection, removing and replacing damaged concrete as well as corrosion treatment. Concrete repair is site specific and a proper inspection is necessary to establish the specific issues of the failure. The cause of concrete failure can be as simple as:

· Debris like chunks of wood floating out of the concrete while it is still plastic (wet).
· Damage caused by heavy objects being dropped on the slab.
· Surface scaling caused by improper finishing or freezing temperatures during curing. Scaling is when parts of the concrete surface flake away.


Concrete failure can be caused by a multitude of different factors…

Uplifting Concrete With Tool On Top
Uplifting Concrete With Tool On Top
Concrete Repair By JJS
Sealing Damaged Concrete Patch
  • Corrosion
  • Enviromental factors
  • Structural factors
  • Incorrect loading
  • Earthquake load

What We Do

Commercial Floor Preparation,  Flooring Application & Concrete Repair Specialists

JJS Speciality Systems Ltd is located in Auckland. We have 2 Yards – one in Silverdale and one in Manurewa.

We have completed over 1154 jobs (and counting) mostly over the greater Auckland area and throughout the North Island for clients like:

Auckland Airport, WDHB – Auckland Hospital, Starship Hospital, North Shore Hospital, ESC Elective Surgery Centre North Shore, Auckland East Prison, Silver Fern Farms, Fonterra, Countdown, Wynyard Quarter, etc.

We work with well known contractors:

Hills Commercial Floors, Lovich Carpet & Vinyl Specialists, Crown Flooring Ltd, Fletchers Construction, Aspec Construction, Arrow International, etc.

What we are known for:

· Floor Preparations for carpet and vinyl
· Uplifting of old carpet, vinyl, tiles and other covering systems
· Removal of glues, tiles mortars, filling compounds and coating systems
· Floor Levelling and Resurfacing
· Joint and hole filling
· Grinding and removal of raised areas
· Sanding floors for a smooth finish.
· Building Ramps and Screeding Floors to create falls.


Special Flooring:

Self-Levelling Floor Toppings,                             * Decorative Floor Toppings, 

Curing and Dust Sealing Applications,                * Joint Sealant Work, 

Rebuilding Old Concrete Floors,                         * Specialty Waterproofing Systems