Floor Coating & Leveling

Coating &

Application of waterproofing, primers and self-levelling compounds for a top quality and smooth finish.
Floor Levelling is our business. What we bring to your project is a solution to your flooring needs. We use high quality self-levelling compounds, specific to your flooring needs. We give you a top quality and smooth finish.
Floor Levelling specifications depends on the individual floor and should be surveyed to determine the high and low spots. Mechanical preparation is employed to remove the high spots and any existing adhesives or other contaminants that may prevent the adhesion of the levelling compound.
Floor Preparation and Levelling usually involves:
  • Existing tile, carpet, vinyl or cork removal
  • Existing adhesive and coating removal
  • Mechanical Preparation
  • Applicaton of Specialised Waterproofing Systems
  • Application of Primer or Epoxy Primer
  • Application of self-levelling compound
Floor Coating & LevellingFloor Coating & Levelling